October 14 – 15, 2016 – St. Louis Super Chevy Show

Wow what a season finale!. With four guest cars from Ohio joining us we had eighteen cars at this event. We had quite the list of cars and really a very nice variety.
We had:
Bryan Huffman –1933 Willys Pick-up
Ted Beach–1937 Chevy Coupe
Joe Beach–1956 Chevy
Brandon Beach–1958 Chevy
Jeff Hobgood–1941 Willys Pick-up
Bill Eveland 1955 Pontiac
Dave Walters–1948 Anglia
Gary Blasey–1940 Chevy Coupe
Rob Rothweiller—1955 Chevy
Ken Kapper–1952 Henry J
Mark Dulle–1963 Chevy 2
Tom Cray–1941 Willys Coupe
Rod Urish–1948 Anglia
Ed Miller–1955 Chevy
and our Ohio guests:
Ron Doran–1940 Willys Coupe
Vaughn Piper–1966 Nova
Freddie Wilkerson–1963 Corvette
Allen McMurray–1940 Chevy Coupe

Thanks Ohio guys for adding to our show.

We all matched up with approximate times for our runs. We all made great runs and put on a GREAT show. We had a few mishaps. Mark Dulle pulled a huge wheelstand and ended up bending his front axle. But he wowed the crowd!

Ted Beach had engine problems late in the event. With Ted’s great experience, when he developed engine wows he immediately shut it off and pulled over to the side, out of the lane and safely brought it to a stop. Great job Ted!

We had two runs on Friday and thee runs on Saturday, with the final run at 9PM.

We had our usual feast for our Saturday afternoon meal with our volunteer cooks–Jim Predeau and Danny Mann. Thanks guys, great job.We had some delicious home grown beef provided by Rod Urish, fresh off of his ranch. We gathered up late Saturday night around Dave Walters fire pit for racing stories and camaraderie. The fire pit was very welcome as it got kind of cool in the evening.

We had a Great time and looking forward to next season.

Bryan Huffman

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