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These are the members cars that are currently being raced with the Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association. Some of our members also have other old gassers that can no longer be raced & have been retired. You can see these in the retired section. The retired gassers are still brought out for display from time to time.

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 Owner/Driver: Mark Dulle
Hometown — Bellville, Ill
1963 Nova — Deuces Wild
Engine-331 Small Block Chevy
Transmission — Doug Nash — GM rear End

Gerald Griffith Owner/Driver: Gerald Griffith

1961 Ford Falcon
Hometown — Billings, Mo
Engine — 350 SBC — Powerglide trans
9in Ford rear end
Sponsor — Griff’s Cam Shop

 Owner/Driver: Jim Walker

1940 Willys Coupe
Hometown—East Moline, Ill
Engine — 392 Chrysler Hemi — Ford 4-speed
57 Olds rear end

 Owner: Les Robertson
Driver: Dustin Robertson

1955 Chevy Handyman Station Wagon
Hometown — Hannibal, Mo
Engine — 555 Big Block Chevy – 400 Turbo Trans
9in Ford Rear End

Owner/Driver: Steven Rice

1961 Valvo 544
Hometown – Muscoda WI
Engine — Dodge 440 540 in

 Owner/Driver: Ed Miller

1955 Chevrolet
Hometown — Belleville, Il
Engine — Small Block Chevy on Alcohol

Owner: Rick Bowman
Driver: Rick or John Bowman
1940 Willys Deluxe Coupe
Engine: 440 ci SBC
Owned since 2016

Owner /Driver: Robert Woods

1964 Chevy 2—Triple Trouble
Hometown—Kansas City, Kansas
Engine — 460 Bib Block Chevy — BTE Powerlide trans
9 in Ford Rear end

Owner/Driver: Joey Phelps
1962 Chevy 2 
Car Name — Red Rooster
Hometown — Bois-Darc, Mo
Engine — Big Block Chevy — 400 Turbo trans
9in Ford rear end

Owner/Driver: Tommy Wiser

1948 Ford Deluxe — Vintage Peterbuilt Semi-Hauler
Hometown — Waverly, Ill
Engine — 355 SBC — 350 Turbo Trans
8.8 Ford Rear End

Owners: Dave & Jackie Walters
Driver: Dave Walters
1948 Anglia
Car Name — Revenger
Hometown — Monticello, Ill
Engine — 350 SBC — Trans 700R w/3800 stall
Rear end — 9 in Ford w/4:56 gears
History — Purchased as a drag car — converted to a street car then converted back into a drag car
Sponsor — Hixon Engines

Owner/Driver: Joel Cox

1961 Ford Falcon
Hometown — Fillmore, Ill
Car Name — Problem Child
Engine — 460 Ford — C6 Ford Trans
9 in Ford Rear En

Owners: Jenn & Mike Woodworth
Driver:  Mike Woodworth

1961 Valiant station Wagon
Hometown — Mascoutah, Ill
Engine — SBC 437 C.I  Mechanical Stacked Injection

Car History: Was a Super Stock in 1968, Found in a junkyard in MO. in 2022
Sponsor : Complete Supplements: Snearly Racing Transmissions : Morski Autosports 

Owner/Driver: Bob Smith

1964 Ford Falcon
Car Name — Riff-Raff
Hometown — Girard, Ill
Engine — Small Block Ford — 4-Speed trans
 9 in Rear End

Owner/Driver: Josh Bartels

1964 Chevy Nova
Hometown — Chandlerville, IL
427 tall deck — 2sp powerglide transmission — Oldsmobile rear end

Sponsor: Mibbs Garage

Owner: Josh Bartels
Driver: Harold Mibb
1963 Chevy Nova Wagon
Hometown — Chandlerville, IL
Engine — 377 with a 350 transmission — Oldsmobile rear end

Work in progress

Owners: Brent and Amanda Keele
Driver: Brent Keele
1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone
Hometown — Nokomis, Illinois
Engine — 331 small block Ford stroker – Naturally Aspirated


Owner: Blase Roach
Driver: Jakeb Roach
1964 Dodge Dart GT
Hometown — Carlinville, IL
Engine — 383 SBC, Narrowed 9″, Powerglide, Trans Brake
Custom Paint By Competition Graphics and “Krommer”
Purchased in Oct. 2022 to enjoy time with family and friends. Car is named Roll’N Roach in honor of my father who owned a 1979 Bronco he named the same.
Sponsors: My Wife