The following rules were drafted with the idea that the Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association will conform to the intent of all True Nostalgia Gassers Associations. The intent is for all cars in competition to closely resemble the outward appearance of the “Gas Coupes/Sedans” class cars of the 60’s. Anything that makes a competitor appear like a “Bracket Car” will be disqualified from participating as part of the association. All decisions made by the Tech “aesthetics” committee of the association regarding any appearance issue(s) will be final. But most important; The Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association will be all about putting on a good SHOW while having FUN. WHINERS NEED NOT APPLY…

All cars must meet NHRA safety requirements. It recommended that the cars be ETI certified prior to the start of the season.
A one-time technical inspection by the Tech Committee and the track race director is required on all new cars BEFORE the vehicle can participate at a Nostalgia Gassers event.

The body must be 1962 or older. Body styles 1963 through 1966 can be approved by exception by the rules committee. No exceptions will be given for Mustangs or Camaros. All body types must be prior approved at the time a person applies for a racing membership. All current members’ vehicles are grandfathered as long as they own that vehicle.
Cars must have the look of the mid 60’s gasser.
All gassers must have fenders, No raised fenders.
No aerodynamic changes not fitting to the appearance of a gasser of the 60’s. Example: No wings on rear deck
Doors must open.
Top may be chopped and body may be channeled or sectioned but must maintain look of original car. Total of 4 inches i.e. 2 inch chop, 2 inch channel = 4 inch.
No modern looking snorkel scoops.
All cars must have period correct paint schemes or primer. No wild modern graphics will be allowed.

Trans brakes and line locks are allowed.
No traction control.
No all tube frame cars; must be rectangular box base frame.
Front suspension, straight axle preferred, suspensions of the 60’s a must, subject to approval by tech committee.
Car must be left or right hand steer, no center steering.
Period correct wheels required.
Wheel base 90” minimum, 120” maximum.
Wheelie bars are required on any vehicle that is capable of pulling the front wheels 24” of higher or more on launch or 12” when shifting gears.

Any ignition system is allowed, magneto, points, transistorized or MSD.
Rev limiters are allowed only to protect the engine. They should not be used to control the car launch, no chattering on the starting line.
No throttle stops.
Any steel or aluminum heads and blocks allowed.
Superchargers are limited to 8-71 and smaller roots type only.
No delay boxes or crossover boxes are allowed and my not be installed in the car.
Any intake and carb combination or mechanical fuel injection allowed. NO ELECTRONIC

Nitrous oxide is not permitted. If nitrous is installed in car both the bottle and solenoids must be removed from the car, not merely disconnected.
All vehicles are required to have a non SFI lower containment device or a SFI lower engine containment device.
No antifreeze in cooling system (water and non antifreeze additives okay).
Cars must be self-starting (no remote battery carts or starters).
Current members or grandfathered.
All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Tech “aesthetics” Committee. We reserve the right to refuse or expel any person or persons for conduct detrimental to the clubs goal of racing and having fun.