Nitro Chaos, June 3-4, 2022

We had a GREAT first outing of the year at the Nitro Chaos at Eddyville Raceway Park-Eddyville, IA. With the forecast of 60% rain, we had a few cars that were a good distance away call off from the race. We all know what fuel cost these days.

The weatherman was totally wrong for the area. On Friday night we had perfect weather and made some nice passes. On Saturday the weather was also very good, with one 5 minute delay. It was a great day for Drag Racing! Everything went great and the show was over around 10PM. Thanks to Gerald and his entire crew for such a GREAT facility. After the days events we gathered for some adult beverages and comoraditie. See you all at Cordova, Ill for their Funny Car Chaos. We will be there racing on June 17 & 18, 2022.Thanks, C U at the races.

Bryan Huffman

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