Mister Crude

Originally owned and raced by Rydell, Hope and Lang

  • Was raced and based out of Canada and the Dakota’s
  • Held two NHRA records
  • Won several Gas class races, 1969 September Indy, 1969 Dallas Nationals, 1969 Winternationals, and the 1969 U S Nationals


Several Canadian racers have looked at the car, and have said it really could be the original, but over the years of lost history, one never knows

crude.jpg Needing parts for the car, we contacted Dean Kersten, at his company, Anglias Obsolete, talked for a few minutes, asked info we had, said the name Mister Crude. He said he had a magazine with that named car in it, E-mailed it to me and the photo was the car we had purchased, and the History trail started again

crude0002.jpg We have collected a large amount of history on the early days, but again as history goes there is a large void of time…when the Rydell, Hope, and Lang sold the car and moved on too race the Vega in Modified Production, the history ended. We would like and hope to find more info on the car during that period

The history of the car had stopped, until the car was pulled out of the “lawn tractor shed” in East Moline, IL., and the fellow we purchased the car from made reference, that the car was supposed to be a Gasser from the 1960’s and was called Mister Crude

Building of the Car

We brought the car home and looked at it for several months, then a good friend, Bob Mitchell, stepped in and took over. You may know Bob from his two red Willys, known as Barney, and De’Railed…he and several, NO ALOT, of friends put their fingerprints on it. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the MFRA (Murphy Flats Racing Assoc.) of Missouri.

We are very lucky, because here in the St. Louis area their are six of us racing the Old Style Gassers with the “Nostalgia Gasser Racing Association” and they all helped a lot.

crude0001.jpg The Crude Crew, we have a group of four that are involved on a weekly if not a daily basis, we have a great time, and have fun…Bob Hajek my partner in the car; Danny Mann who has the driving duties; Jim Predeau, who does all the things none of us want too; and myself Bob Worrall