Eddyville Raceway Park

At 9 am Friday Aug 9th Gramps, Mitchell & the Stortz boys climbed into “Big Blue” which had Barney on in tow. This was just group of the MFRA that was headed to Eddyville, Iowa to be part of the show for the Fuel Altered Nationals that was being held at Eddyville Raceway Park. Ken Kapper was sent a head to scout out parking spaces and get the lay of the land before the rest of the group arrives.

The Nostalgia Gassers were not schedules to make any passes on Friday so we had the whole day to make the 274 miles to the track from the mail MFRA race shop located in Murphy Flats, Mo. Stopped in Troy, Mo for breakfast. Then continues north on Hwy 61,

When we arrived in Mt. Pleasant we stopped and took a tour of Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Park. They were getting ready for a reunion next weekend. The park is the home of a museum of stationary steam engines, along with steam powered farm equipment. Spent a couple of hours there and then continued on our trip to Eddyville.

Checked into the Super 8 in Oskaloosa, IA which is about 10 miles north of the track in Eddyville. Grabbed a bite to eat at Joe’s across the street then headed to the track.

Kenny met us at the gate and lead us down to our parking space. Did I mention that when we were passing a motor home pulling a trailer the driver gave us an obscene gesture? Not sure what that was about. 😉 Kenny got us parked. Unloaded Barney so the people that were there for the Test & Tune and the 1st qualifying round of the Fuel Alterds. By the time we got there Brian & June Huffmann. Hung around the track to 10 pm or so then headed to the motel for a little refreshment and sleep.

Arrived back to the track a little after 10 am on Saturday, Sometime in the middle of the night the Crude Crew appeared on the scene, the renegade section of the MFRA. Around noon a bunch of Rats from Kansas showed up and had the Rat Now Austin & the Trouble Truck Thanes panel truck. About the sametime Outta Control Racing showed up with 2 of their cars, Hairy Hauler & Honkin’ Willys. The field in now complete with all 8 cars on the grounds.

The Fueled Altereds made their 2nd qualifying run at 3 pm with the Nostalgia Gassers warming up the crowd before hand. The guys paired themselves up and off to staging they went. Two by two they pulled through the water box and proceeded to warm the slicks, then off to staging. Pre Stage, Stage, Yellow light drop and on goes the Green. At that point 2 gassers explode off the starting line trying to beat the other to the finish line. This is old school stuff 1st one there wins, no break outs or any of that new style of racing stuff.

Between rounds the guys were out by their cars signing hero cards, letting the kids sit in their cars, no size or age limit on the kids either I saw some pretty old kids in those cars. Heck Barney was even giving rides. Imagine getting to ride in a real gasser, how cool is that?

This went on all afternoon and into the evening. Each time just before the Fuel Altereds ran the Nostalgia Gassers made their passes, with the crowd just loving it.

The Gassers and the Altereds finished their passes just before a light shower set it, you talk about timing, I think there were may 2 or 3 more classes that hadn’t made their final round.

Who would have thought that such a neat drag strip existed in the middle of a corn field in Iowa. Eddyville Raceway Park is on of the nicest facilities I have been to and I saw some of the best racing I have seen all year. Looking forward to next year.


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