Eddyville, Iowa June 13, 2015

Eddyville, Iowa June 13, 2015

We arrived at the beautiful Eddyville Raceway Park on Friday, mid afternoon. Brian & June Huffman and Ken Kapper & Ralph Grote were already pitted so we just slid in next to them. As the day continued the rest of our group came in steadily, with some not arriving until Saturday.

We were expecting a ten car field to include: Brian & June Huffman, Ken Kapper & Ralph Grote, Dean Markuson, Rod Urish & Tracy, Mike and Debbie Hoffman, Bob Brown, Bill Eveland, Jack Kaylor, Joe & Eleen Kaufman and Jesse & Bertie James.

Unfortunately, Mike and Debbie’s “Blue Mule” didn’t recieve the correct parts in time to make the race but should be up and kicking for the next one.

The weather was spotty with rain. The racers who were there Friday evening were anxious for their test’n tune runs. They got one pass in before the rain shut them down for the night. Bob Brown’s beautiful Willys pickup did and major wheel stand, came down a little too hard and sprung a few parts. He decided to take it and himself home for a little TLC. We hope you are both feeling better.

With 8 cars left, we all waited through the day Saturday for the on and off rain to stop. While we waited we did what we do best – eat and enjoy each others company. The track management spent the day doing their very best to get the track in shape to race. They even came close enough as to call out a schedule. Mother nature just wouldn’t let it happen. Some where around 4:00 PM, the race was called and people started leaving. Those of us who were planning on spending the night, stayed and visited through the evening. Mother nature also gave up and took the rain with her. It was gorgeous the rest of the night. Sometimes you just can’t win. But, that’s dragracing.

Jesse & Bertie James

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