Door Warz Cordova Dragway Park

Door Warz
Cordova Dragway Park
June 16th

We arrived at about 10am on Saturday. We were welcomed by the Cordova staff at the registration trailer who gave us a personal escort to our pits. There we found Mr. Bull and Mrs Bull, Bryan and June Huffman and crew, and Doug and Wendy Jent sporting a new motor home. Talk about cruising in style! We were followed in by the Blaseys and new member Ted Beech with his beautiful Red, White and Blue 37 Chevy. What a great looking and running car!
Last but not least, in rolls the Crude crew of Danny Mann and Waterbox (Aka Fisherman) Predeau. Seems like one of them over slept and they had a flat tire on the trailer on the way up. Better late than never! I wonder if I get to voice an opinion on that? Worrall, Hajek, his brother Gary along with Jeanette were also there to represent the Crude crew.

We had a total of 8 cars in the Nostalgia Gassers pits.As soon as we unloaded there were fans standing there admiring the cars and asking what time we were going to race. They sure like the Gassers!

Our first call to the lanes was at 1:30pm.
I paired up with Ted and his 37 Coupe. When the lights came down I took off and didn’t see him. Seems he had a little stumble/backfire and he hurt a lifter and push rod. He still made the pass. The rest of the group all made perfect runs. Brian Blasey ran the fastest time they ever have in the “Little Engine That Could” 40 Chevy.

Back in the pits,Ted and crew were hard at work taking the valve covers off the check out the damage. Not to bad. Ted made a trip to the tower and asked them to announce that he needed a couple of BBC lifters. With in a few minutes,a racer pulled up on a golf cart with a box of parts. He had what Ted needed. Ted asked him how much and the racer said nothing. That is what racers are supposed to do. Help each other out. Next the Bull donated an exhaust push rod and we donated some silicone sealer to replace the intake gaskets. Within an hour, Ted and his crew had it back together and running. All was good.

Our next pass was at 3pm.Everyone did good.

Our third pass was at 6pm to start the main show. Again everyone made a stellar run.
Our forth pass was at 7:15pm. The forecast was for rain moving in.The Cordova crew did an outstanding job at moving the program along all day so when the rains came around 7;30 the classes were almost done.

On our last pass,the Crude Fiat Anglia was paired up with the Bull. The Bull cut a better light,and the Et’s were exactly the same. Both cars ran 9:411. What a race!

We passed out a ton of group Hero cards and let the fans sit in our cars and take pictures. They will have some great memories of this event.

We also got to see Bill Leafs group “The Ozark Mountain Super Shifters” run.Bill runs a great group and they put on a great show! The fans love the wheel standing,gear banging Super Shifters.

Mike Garland of Magic Photos, the track photographer got some good shots of us out on the track. He even put these in a special album on his site called Door Warz Gassers 2012

We had a great time at a first class track and event. Scott and Laura Gardner, Tazz and the rest of the Cordova crew put on a great event. We are looking forward to our next event back at Cordova in August for the World Series of Drag Racing.
We hope to see you there.


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