Cordova World Series — August 28 & 29, 2015

On Thursday morning, the Huffman and Kapper crew came in early to set-up. On Friday, Bill Wamboldt , Jesse James, Steve Rice and Jack Kaylor came in. On Saturday Ted, Joe and Brandon Beach, Bill Eveland, Dale Letterly, Randy Tavolleti, and Joe Kaufman to fill in for the Blasey’s that had a medical emergency. We all had our cars unloaded and on display in the afternoon and handed out many Hero cards and signed autographs, with a lot of picture taking. We were scheduled to run in the evening show. With several rain showers during the day, and then full rain at about 8pm, the track after much work all day at trying to keep the track dry, the program was shut down and we did not make a Friday pass.

On Saturday morning it was light rain, until about mid-morning and then they got the track dried and started running cars. The main show started on schedule and we went out at about 8pm for our first pass. We all had a great run and were cheered on by the crowd with thousands of camera flashes going off. We made a second pass at about 10:30 pm. Once again the crowd cheered us on and we all made some great passes.

We all had a great time with our friends and loved the crowd and enjoyed being a part of such a spectacular event.

Bryan Huffman

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