World Series Of Drag Racing – Cordova

World Series Of Drag Racing
Cordova, Illinois
August 22 & 23, 2014

Bryan Huffman and Ken Kapper arrived early Thurday to stake out our parking. Jess & Bertie James and Steve Bacon moved in later that afternoon. As the weather predictor mentioned, it rained all the way from Wisconsin down to Cordova and it continued off and on most of the evening.

Friday morning, more rain. As the day went on the rest of our racers filed in. Jim Predeau and Danny Mann, Ben Bacon, Bill and Cathy Wamboldt, Gary, Lavon, & Brian Blasey, Ted Beach & crew. Last but not least Randy Tavoletti & friend. Ralph Grote came in with the Crude Crew and spent time with all of us and our good friend Jim Pierick who runs a fast front engine rail. The rain let up some time around noon and they had the track ready for racing shortly there after. June Huffman came in sometime after lunch driving a tricked out 32 Ford pickup. Parked next to their car trailer, it was definitely an eye catcher, especially with a big “For Sale” sign on it. Our group got one run in, mid-evening.

Saturday morning, more rain. This time, it was around 3:00 before racing commenced. Once the rain let up, the spectators came spilling in. We signed many hero cards and enjoyed picture taking and conversation with kids and adults. At around 6 we had our potluck dinner with all the usual fantastic dishes brought by our members. We never go hungry! The group got their first run in around 7:00 and a second one a couple of hours later. The bleachers were packed on both sides of the track. Everyone ran great and the crowd cheered them on. After the racing was completed for the evening, there was a “Meet’n Greet” on the track that several of us attended. This involved a lot more picture taking and signing of hero cards, t-shirts, hats or whatever would soak up a signature. Soooo many nice people. What a great time!

As many of you know, or may not know, it was a bittersweet weekend for the Crude Crew. “Mister Crude” has been retired. It was special to have the whole crew present for the last race of this amazing gasser. Driver- Danny Mann, crew members-Jim Predeau, Bob Hajak & Bob Worrall were all there to give the little orange 9 second Anglia a great send off. As usual it did it’s long smokey burnout and thrilled the crowd to a standing ovation. It has had a long and rich racing career that many of us will not forget. All of us wish the group good luck in their next racing endeavor.

Jesse & Bertie James

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