Spring Nostalgia Event at Central Illinois Dragway in Havana, Illinois

May 24, 2014
Spring Nostalgia Event at Central Illinois Dragway in Havana, Illinois.

Wow! What a great start to our drag racing season. The weather was fantastic.
There were five racers that arrived at the track on Friday. Mark Campbell–
Roger Brown—Ken Kapper—Bryan Huffman and Doug Jent. We all made a
test pass to warm the crowd up. It worked!

On Saturday morning, the Crude Team—Bill Wamboldt—The Blasey Team
and Tom Cray arrived. We had 9 cars, so a 1955 Pontiac with a straight axle
and correct wheels was invited to run with us. He made a couple of passes
with the group. Tom Cray’s car broke in the afternoon, so we invited a straight
axle 57 Chevy wagon to run with us. It was metalflake green with a blown big
block in it. Way cool! We made several runs and came down the return road once,
in front of the stands. Everyone in the stands were waving and clapping. The
stands on both sides of the track were packed. During the day we sold many
Nostalgia Gassers t-shirts. We handed out lots of Hero cards and had a lot of
kids getting their cards signed and getting their pictures taken in the race cars.
We had a great lunch with tons of food in the afternoon. The gray button up
shirts really looked good in the staging lanes. All in all, it was a perfect race
weekend with lots of passes and a great track and facility.

Bryan Huffman

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