Rockenbach Chevrolet & Crate Engine Depot Cruz In

One of our sponsors Rockenbach Chevrolet & Crate & Engine Depot sponsored a Cruz In at the dealership on Saturday August 4, 2012

5 Nostalgia Gassers cars were on display

    The Honkin Willys
    The Airoso Brothers Willys
    The Hairy Hauler Willys Pick-up
    The Blaseys “Little Engine That Could” ’40 Chevy
    Bill & Cathy Wamboldts ’55 Chevy “Nuts and Bolts”

We all arrived at around 8 am. Once the cars were unloaded we headed over to the parking spots. The drive over included a “Pass” through the Rockenbach Chevrolet thru-way between the Showroom and Service Department. There were a few that reved up their engines and shook the windows in the dealership. It was a great way to let everyone know that the Nostalgia Gassers were there! We had prime front row parking.

We passed out a lot of Hero cards, let people sit in the cars to take pictures, and talked to the crowd. There were over 150 cars, some very high quality show cars and race cars.
They had raffle prizes every hour. Everyone received a goodie bag and a free T-shirt. Also included was a ticket for a free lunch.

Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Mark Hagen and his staff really know how to put on a car show. The entry was FREE. Spectators were FREE and Lunch was FREE.

Did I mention that Mark and his staff really know how to put on a show?

For those of you who don’t know who Mark Hagen is. He is the parts manager at Rockenbach Chevy. He also drove my Red Honkin Willys at the Meltdown drags.

Rockenbach Chevrolet sponsored the Nostalgia Gassers hero cards and were their sponsor for the Meltdown Drags.

The entire staff at Rockenbach Chevrolet and Crate Engine Depot are a first class act!
We all had a great time including a mini cackle fest during the show.

I even saw Old Nuts and Bolts Wamboldt smile!

The show ended with a grand prize raffle drawing of a set of custom pin-striped AC Delco cabinets. Lucky Bill and Cathy Wamboldt from the Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association were the winners!

Again,I think I saw Bill smile!

Thanks again to everyone who attended and to Mark and the entire Rockenbach staff.



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