Night of Fire

Cedar Falls, Iowa—-Night of Fire—-July 12th, 2014

The Huffman’s arrived on Friday afternoon and Ken Kapper and Ralph Grote came in a couple of hours later. We got some good parking spots with good access to the spectators, right behind the main stands. Arriving on Saturday morning were Jesse James, Bob Mitchell, Crude, Tom Cray, Ted Beach and Brandon Beach. We were called into the lanes to make an afternoon pass and after a very long delay because of a big oil down we got in a pass. The temperature and humidity were very high with bad looking clouds above. Even with these conditions we made some great passes. With some big and over the line burnouts we all had great runs. There we some career best E.T.’s. We then decided to have our buffet lunch. We had a lot of great food. During lunch there were a couple of little showers that delayed the racing. After that the track got some more racing in. Not long after that it rained pretty hard and after a while they called the race. Even with the rain out we all enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. The track management was very happy with us and said they would have us back.

Thanks, Bryan Huffman

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