Trouble Truck

When I was a young man I always saw this truck up the street from me.  At that time it was candy apple green with gold leaf lettering.  Had a 427 with Hilborn injection out the hood. (COOL!) Two guys named Buck Kees and Mike Grim built him and raced at Mason Dixon Dragway almost every weekend. IMGP7745.JPG  Always was fun to watch because they ran a 4-speed, so every time they hit a gear the front end came up!   Even in fourth gear! I think it was 1974-75 when he was repainted the way it is now.  The guy that painted him was a great custom painter named Pete Doboise.  This guy was wild!  He lived at the end of Rock Cliff Drive (about a 1/2 mile from where Buck and Mike keep it.  My best friend (Tom Casey) helped Pete repaint the truck one weekend.  They took three days to paint it so while they where doing all the work they took speed and drank beer for all three days!  Pete had a front engine dragster that he drove up and down the road all the time.  Always have a place in my heart for this truck. Lost track of it though when it left NY. I have a Henry J gasser now named “J Walking” maybe next year we can do a match race at Bowling Green. Thanks for the photo. Please keep in touch. Thanks Jeff “J Walking”

The Trouble Truck left NY, the next place that we know it landed was Puddle, MS where it lived for a while. It then was bought by a Rat in Kansas where it lives at the “Rat Now Gasser Ranch” a senior living facility for old Gassers.