The Pits

These are the members cars that are currently being raced with the Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association. Some of our members also have other old gassers that can no longer be raced & have been retired. You can see these in the retired section. The retired gassers are still brought out for display from time to time.

Steve Bacon 1940 Willys Coupe Owner/Driver: Steve Bacon
1941 Steel Willys
327 CI SBC
Hilborn Injection
Lenco 4 speed trans
514 Pontiac Rear End


Photo Not Available Owner/Driver: Ted Beach
Aurora, IL
1937 Chevrolet
Uncle Sam
Engine: 481 Rodeck
Trans: Turbo 400
Rear end: Ford 9″ with 4.30 gear
Best time: 9.51 @ 139mph

Car’s Story

Photo Not Available Owner/Driver: Ted Beach
Drivers: Brandon Beach and Joe Beach

Aurora, IL
1958 Chevrolet Bel Air
Daddy’s Thing
Engine: 427 big block Chevy
Trans: Turbo 400
Rear end: Olds/Pontiac with 4.56 gear
Best time: 10.58 @ 125mph

Car’s Story

Owner Gary Blasey
Clifton, Il
Driver: Brian Blasey
1940 Chevolet
Original Gasser built into a race car in 1959, same owner for 53 years….
Small Block 377 ci
Trans: 5 speed  yes it has a clutch..
Olds 5.88 rear
Runs in the nines

Car’s Story

Owner/Driver: Mark Cambell
St. Louis, Mo
Car: 1966 Rambler 440 American.
Motor: AMC 390 .30 over with the following parts.
11:1 Jahns pistons
Crane solid cam and lifters
Edelbrock UR18 tunnel ram
2-Holley 450 cfm carbs
Trans: Borg Warner T-10
Rear end: Ford 9 in with 4;10 gears and spool

The car was 6 cyl. automatic when I purchased it in December 2009 it just went through a recent restoration. The previous owner was so proud of it, little did he know.

By October 2010 the build was on. I took the car to a good friend of
mine Rick Abt who did the fabrication.

We started off with a Speedway axle kit. Rick then proceeded to make
up the 8 pt roll bar and ladder bars. Next was the aluminum work in
the interior.

Owner/Driver: Tom Cray
Fenton Mo
Car: 1940 Steel Willys Coupe
Motor: Cadillac 472ci
Trans: T-350
Rear end: Ford 9″ w/3.0 gears
Best Time: 12:05 @ 110mph
Found in Arkansas.Purchased for $200

Owner/Driver: Steve Cregut
Tecumseh, Ks
Rat Now
1948 All Steel Austin Originally a gasser that ran in the 60’s out of Lewiston California
Engine: 540 Rat BB Chevy
Trans: Powerglide
Rearend nine inch Ford
Best time 9.45 et 144 mph


Owner: Steve Cregut
Driver: Randy Cree
Tecumseh, Ks
Trouble Truck
1951 Thames panel truck
Originally Book Mobile at University West Virginia
Engine: 400 small block Chevy
Trans: powerglide
Olds rearend w/mosher axles
Best et 11.04 121 mph

Trucks’s Story

BillEveland230x169Owner /Driver Bill Eveland
55 Pontiac Chiefton

TomHarvey230x169Owner /Driver Tom Harvey with a
52 Chevy in progress

Owner Jeff & Holly Hobgood    aka “Woodman & Hot Rod Holly “
Newburgh, In
Driver Jeff
1941 Willys truck all “steel” with glass hood
454 Chevy Rat bored 30 over
Dedenbaer powerglide w/trans brake
9in Ford rear w/spool & Moser axles
Best Et 1/4 10.49 @123
1/8   6.57 @103

Owner/Driver:Bryan Huffman
1933 Willys Pick up
Motor:355 SBC with 6:71 Blower
Trans:Turbo 400
Rear End: 1960 Olds w/4:56 Gears
Best Time: 10:14 @ 135mph


Owner/Driver: Ken Kapper
Fenton Mo.
52 Henry J Fibertrends 1 pc front end
Eng. 427 + bbc Chevy
Trans : Turbo 400
Rear end: 1957 Olds/Pont 4.10 gears w/Summers brothers axels/spool
Best et 9.70@138mph
I purchased Henry in 1974 from a Alemeda Ca. wrecking yard for $125.

JackKaylor230x169Owner /Driver Jack Kaylor

62 Rambler American

Owner/Driver: Doug Jent
Tuscola, ILL
1941 Willys coupe  ( REAL STEEL BODY ) with glass front
451 Big Block Chrysler Wedge
727 Torqueflite with 5500 converter and trans-brake
Dana 60 with 4:88 gears
This car ran B / Gas in the early to mid 60’s in southern ILL
The best ET  1/4 mile was  9.87 @ 136 MPH  at Beach Bend in Bowling Green
The greatest race was running side by side  with Ron Norman and his blue willys through the lights with matching ET’s we both ran 9.87 that was really a fast weekend.


Car – Barney
Owner/Driver – Bob Mitchell
Co-Drivers – Dan/Bob Stortz
Year – 1940
Make – Willys/steel body
Mdl. – coupe
Engine – 460” blown Ford by Berger Engineering
Trans – Ford C-6 by Quality Transmission
Rear – Ford 9”
Roll cage – Jeffers
Best Time – 10.40 @ 128 mph Bowling Green Ky.
Story – found in Springfield MO
Body/Paint/chassis by owner.

Owner/Driver: Randy Tavoletti
Hometown: South Chicago Heights,IL
1941 Willys
Steel Body
Fiberglass front end
Engine: Small Block Chevy, 6:71 Blower
Trans: Powerglide
Rear end: 60 Olds

55 Chevy
Owner/Driver: Bill Wamboldt
Hometown: Genoa City, Wi
Year/Make: 1955 CHEVY
Engine: SBC (Dart)
Transmission: Turbo 400 (Coan Eng.)
Rear End: Ford 9 in. 4.86 gear
Best Time: 10.83 e.t. 123 mph

Owners: Bob Hajek / Bob Worrall
Driver: Danny Mann
Car: Mister Crude
The Man: Jim Predeau
Chef/Mgr.: Jeanette McDowell
Car: 1949 Anglia
Story: Found in Lawn Garden Shed
History: Gasser in the 60’s, won several races
Engine: Ford Windsor Based, Dart 427, w/225 Runner Heads
Tranny: FOM, lol…Power Glide
Rear End: 9″ Ford
Time: Injected, 9.18 @ 141 MPH Joliet, Il.
Time: Carbureted, 9.25 @ 139 MPH Bowling Green, Ky.    Car’s Story 


Owner/Driver: Kip Galloway
Hometown: Mackinaw, IL
Year/Make: 1961 Ford Falcon
Engine: Blown 514 CUI BBF
Transmission: C6
Rear End: Ford 9 in. 4.30 gear
Best Time: TBD


Owner/Driver: Rick Brown
Hometown: Lake of the Hills, IL
Year/Make: 1963 Chevy 2



Car: Mighty Mouse II
Crew: Charlie, Zach and Matt Brown also Rich Koziel
Owners: The Brown Brothers
Car: 1963 Chevy II
Story: Raced at US30 and Oswego from 1970 to 75, brought back out in 2017
Engine: 454 BBC, Brodix heads, Tunnel Ram, prepped by Fast times Motor Works
Tranny: Power Glide
Rear End: 9″ Ford
Time: 9.51 @ 138 with last years engine! Stay tuned!



Owner/Driver: George Gregory
Year/Make: 1966 Comet Cyclone GT