June 4, 2016 – Central Illinois Dragway, Havanna

A great and busy weekend of drag racing took place in Havanna. We arrived Friday afternoon to find Bryan & June Huffman and Dave Walters & Jungle Denny already homesteading on the great spot reserved for our group. Jess & I pulled in with Bill Eveland and Jack & Judy Kaylor right behind us. We were all invited to do some test and tune. A few of us took advantage since the weather was so great.

Bryan Huffman got some new Hoosier slicks he wanted to try. He was happy they ran with beautiful launches and straight as an arrow. Bill Eveland had to do a little adjustment on his fan belt. With all of the new improvements he made over the winter, he also found that the Injun requires a little more fuel.

Saturday morning the rest of our group arrived putting us at 9 racers. Gary, Lavon & Brian Blasey and “The Beach Boys”, Ted, Joe, Brandon & their crew all spoke of driving in the rain most of the way. They were happy to find us dry and with sunny skies.

We started our passes early with 2 before lunch. Early afternoon we had 2 passes and as evening rolled around we had 2 more.

In doing 6 passes in one day, everyone had a chance to pair up with each other. The announcer enjoyed the friendly competition between the Beaches. It is always fun to see Dads and Sons face off. Looks like Joe owes Dad Ted a steak dinner.

Brandon Beach & Jesse James had a pretty fair shootout with one redlighting and the other starting in 2nd gear. We will just guess at who did what.

The track asked our racers to do a parade lap during the evening performance. They were greeted with many cheers and thumbs up for all their efforts.

As always we had a great potluck. Dave Walters & Jungle Denny supplied and grilled burgers, brats & buns. The rest of us brought everything else to complete the meal.  We have some of the best cooks at the track.
After dinner, Jack & Judy Kaylor left to help out at the I 57 track in Benton, Ill. Our group had 2 events to cover this weekend. One of the other racers scheduled for I 57 had some mechanical difficulties. Jack & Judy Kaylor stepped-up to cover that spot. Thanks to the Kaylors.

We all had a fun weekend and are looking forward to coming back to Havanna again in September.

Jesse & Bertie James

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