Havana Fall Nostalgia Event

The Huffman team arrived at about 1pm on Friday, September the 6th. We were welcomed at the gate and then escorted to our pit spots for the group.

The pits were already filling up rapidly. Later that afternoon Roger Brown came in to join us in the pits. We had to keep a sharp eye out to keep the rest of our pit spots, because it turned out to be a very large event with lots of racers.

On Saturday we were joined by Steve Bacon, Ken Kapper, Gary and Brian Blazey, and Ted and Brandon Beach and Tom Cray. The temperature was hot, but it did not stop a great event. Some of our cars made afternoon time runs. On Saturday evening the group made our first pass early in the show. Roger Brown’s Anglia wasn’t running quite right, and with just about everyone’s help, it came around and was running good. During the show one of the wheelstanders ended up on the guard rail after loosing control and taking out a light pole also. Ted Beach to the rescue! Ted had hauled his 58 Chevy down on his rollback truck. He went into action and like the pro that he is he had the car safely off the guard rail in quick time. Thanks to Ted and his rollback the races restarted after some clean up. We made our second pass and the crowd was cheering for all of us. It was about 11:30 pm when we completed our 2nd pass, so we were done for the evening, with several classes still to finish eliminations. About 1:30am it started raining shutting the event down. All in all, we all had great runs with great fan support and it was another great event with the Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association.

Bryan Huffman

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