GoodGuys Friday Night Drags

GoodGuys Friday Night Drags at National trail raceway, Columbus, Ohio July 11, 2014
The afternoon started out with blue skies, 87 degrees and high humidity. Group members Ron Doran, Randy Ball, Roger Brown & Chad were in attendance along with Bubba Glenn and Dennis Alfrey.
The poster child in the Columbus Dispatch local paper for the Friday Night Drags was Randy Ball’s 1940 “Nitemare” and Ron’s “Ferdinand” leading a group shot that was on the flier for the schedule of events. Kudos to both!
The track had a large number of race cars and a fair number of spectators. Our group opened the show. As the hot sultry sun set in the west , the Full Moon appeared high above the tower, shining down . The final round was Roger Brown and Ron Doran, Ferdinand took the win. Everyone had a great time, despite the heat and humidity.

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