Columbus OHIO Goodguys race report 7/12/13

Ron Doran and Randy Ball had their Willys gassers on display at the fairgrounds on Thursday and Friday morning, then they hauled over to the Nationals Trails drag strip on Friday afternoon for the Friday Night Drags.

I was first to arrive,and I was greeted by Donnie Irwin from NHRA and the Goodguys. I was followed by Roger Brown, The Woodman and Hot Rod Holly, Ron Doran and Randy Ball were right behind us.Last to arrive was our newest Nostalgia Gasser member Scott Yust from Cincinnati. He brought along his wife, Dad and his brother. It is great to have Scott racing with us again.He has installed a new motor in his Blue Tango Henry J and was ready to test it out.

We got the “Rock Star” pit spots right next to the staging lanes. The place started to fill up with race cars in the afternoon.The spectators started to file in around 5pm. We were given a chance to make a time run around 5pm.
We started the Race program with our first pass at 6:30.The track was in excellent condition.
The program went real smooth with our last pass of the evening at 10pm. We had fans stop by our pits for pictures in the race cars and to pick up Hero cards and have the drivers sign them all evening long.We met some great fans and made some new friends.

A special thanks goes out to Kathy and Ron Doran for making sure everyone had a great time.
Their hospitality was outstanding.Kathy did a great job of keeping everything in the group organized and informed about the event.

We had a great time and are looking forward to next years event with the Goodguys at Columbus.

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