I-57 and Cordova

The I-57 race in Benton, Ill was canceled due to weather conditions. Scott Bailey called and updated the Gassers that the race was canceled. I thanked him for the call. He said that is going to try to work out a reschedule date and would let me know. Hopefully we will be open and can race at the event. The guys that were scheduled to race at the I-57 track was Ken Kapper,Doug Jent, Jeff Hobgood, Roger Brown, Mark Campbell, The Crude Team,Tom Cray, and Bob Mitchell. Thanks Guys.

At the Door Wars event in Cordova Raceway Park, Bryan Huffman and Mike Hoffman arrived on Friday. We had great parking spots by the trees, next to the staging lanes. Arriving on Saturday was Jesse James, Gary and Brian Blasey, Bill Wamboldt, Ted Beach, Brandon Beach and Ron Norman. We all had our cars inspected and had them all backed in for the spectators to enjoy. At about 1:15 PM we made our first pass of the day. Everybody ran great. When we got back to our spots Ron Norman discovered a blown head gasket. Unfortunately he was done for the day. In about an hour we made another run and looked great. Because of the great expectation of rain, the racers and the crowd were down. After our second run we had our lunch, with plenty of good food as usual. Thanks Bertie James for heading up the food. We had a special treat with Tire Monkey-Mark, a birthday cake with Tire Monkey written on the cake, and a happy birthday song. Shortly after this it started to rain. We hung out for a while and then the race was called. Not all bad. We hung out with our Gasser friends, made a couple of runs and had a great lunch and Birthday cake!
See Ya at the races.

Bryan Huffman

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